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I’m Lydiah.

I am a Website Designer and sales page designer, specializing in assisting business owners, coaches, and course creators in building, and designing their websites. My mission is to help you achieve your business goals, multiply your income, and make a significant impact through high-converting website/sales page design.

As a fellow creative and entrepreneur, I understand the struggle of transforming your vision into a reality. That’s where I step in—to guide you through the maze of website overwhelm and reignite your entrepreneurial fire.

Beyond my freelancing business, I embrace the joy of being an introvert, watching movies while enjoying a cup of coffee

get to know me

What inspires me the most?

The word of God

What is my favourite way to unwind?


How do I recharge my energy?

Time Alone

Early bird or night owl?

Night owl.

Beach or mountains?


let’s make some magic together.